The OSI Strategic Plan includes a goal to develop repeatable, standardized best practices for consistent use across all OSI projects to ensure project success for our program sponsors and the people we serve. In keeping with that goal, OSI has identified roles and responsibilities for a Project Management Core Team for three major phases of the project life cycle.



  • Establish a standard project organization structure for justifying the resources and funding for new and continuing projects.
  •  Provide a consistent acquisition pattern for the vendor community.
  • More efficient use of resources both in projects and centralized services.
  •  Justification for resources/positions in project approval documents/budgets.
  •  Requirements for Acquisitions documents.
  •  Task descriptions for duty statements.

Roles and responsibilities may be performed by state staff, contractor staff, or a combination of both, depending on a project's needs. The following instructions provide direction on how to incorporate information from these matrices in the appropriate project document (e.g. approval, acquisition, hiring).


  • Review the Functional Organization Chart to locate the function that corresponds to the position to be justified in an approval document or filled through state hiring process or acquisitions.
  •  Choose the tab, corresponding to that function, on the Visio spreadsheet and open it. This will open up a sheet with roles related to that function.
  •  Click on the desired box. This will open up a Word document showing the responsibilities for that particular role.
  •  Review the Roles and Responsibilities sheets to find the position(s) which most closely matches the one you are looking to fill.
  •  After locating a role that describes the position to be justified or filled, copy the document into a Word document and save it.
  •  Choose words from the Action List to incorporate into the role. These words will be used to replace or supplement those written in parentheses, and will help to clarify to the reader exactly what the position entails.
    •  The words in the Action List should be used to show what classification the position is in. Words can be changed depending on the amount of independence or supervision a position entails. For example, the action words “Leads, Manages or Oversees” may be used for more of a supervisory role and not for the non-supervisory classifications.
  •  Add descriptions of responsibilities that are specific to the role in the project, but not already listed.