The Contracting phase begins upon release of the Request For Proposal (RFP) and ends upon execution of the contract. The primary activities in this phase are identifying potential suppliers, preparing contract requirements, evaluating proposals and selecting the supplier. The Project works with the Acquisition Specialist in the Acquisition Center to ensure that all contracting processes are followed to ensure a competitive and legal acquisition.  This phase ends upon execution of the contract.

  Key Tasks
  • Develop Evaluation and Selection Report
  • Receive draft proposals
  • Respond to vendor questions and provide answers
  • Conduct Bidders Conference
  • Evaluate draft proposal
  • Conduct confidential discussions with bidders (as needed)
  • Receive final proposals
  • Evaluate final proposals
  • Secure DGS/TA/FED approvals (as needed) to award
  • Release Notice of Intent to Award: receive and respond to protests
  • Execute contract
  • Conduct phase closeout meeting
  • Lessons Learned
  Next Steps
Lessons Learned
 Web Based Training
Lessons Learned Module
State Contracting Manual (SCM) Vol. 3
Acquisition Manager
Acquisition Specialist
Acquisition Team



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