Acquisition Planning

The planning phase for an Information Technology Project technically begins during the Initiation Phase of the Project Management Life Cycle, when consideration is given to overall scope, budget and schedule.  During the Initiation Phase, the Project should consult with the OSI Procurement Center for preliminary guidance and direction on the development of their State and Federal approval documents (i.e. Planning Advance Planning Documents (PAPDs) or Feasibility Study Reports (FSRs)).
The Planning Phase for the Acquisitions Life Cycle begins when all State and Federal approvals to proceed with the project have been secured and the project is ready to procure a new system or refresh an existing system. IEEE Standard 1062, 1998 Edition, provides the framework for all activities conducted during this phase. The key steps in the Planning phase include planning and obtaining approval of the overall acquisition strategy through the Information Technology Procurement Plan (ITPP) approvals, developing requirements and building them into the Request for Proposal, and determining the evaluation and selection criteria that will be used to determine the contract awardee. The Procurement Center Staff will lead the Acquisition Team through this phase.  The phase ends with the release of the RFP.  
  Key Tasks
  • Initiate planning process
  • Establish Acquisition Team
  • Acquire acquisition support resources
  • Establish procurement documentation file
  • Review organization acquisition process
  • Review background documentation (Charter, FSR/APD)
  • Develop preliminary scope, budget, resource, and schedule for acquisition phase
  • Develop supplier qualification and selection process
  • Identify potential suppliers (conduct a market survey and/or Request for  Information/ Interest from Qualified Suppliers)
  • Preparing contract requirements
  • Define requirements
  • Establish proposal evaluation standards and Evaluation and Selection Plan
  • Establish Bidders Library
  • DGS/Federal/Sponsor approval to release RFP
  • Release of RFP
  • Conduct phase closeout meeting
  • Lessons Learned


  Next Steps
Information Technology Procurement Plan
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Data Item Description Template
Evaluation and Selection Plan Template
Lessons Learned
 Web Based Training
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State Contracting Manual (SCM) Vol. 3
Interagency Agreement
State Administrative Manual (SAM)
California Technology Agency (TA) - formerly the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
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Procurement Manager
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Acquisition Team




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