The Closing phase includes all the activities necessary for the project office to close the project. Project Close may be signified by system acceptance and transfer to the support organization, or by official system retirement or replacement. It is important that lessons learned during the project are captured and that project information is properly archived. This phase marks the end of the project’s operation, including transferring operations and/or data to a follow-on system (as applicable) and retirement of any legacy system. This phase includes archiving project data and documenting final lessons learned.


  Key Tasks
  • Collect Contract Documentation
  • Complete Contractor Final Review
  • Formal Acceptance 
  • Administrative Closure
  • Financial Closure and Audit
  • Archiving
  • Personnel and Facilities
  • Complete Closeout Phase Review and Lessons Learned
  • Celebrate Success
  • Complete Post Implementation Evaluation Report
PDF Project Closing Procedure
Lessons Learned
 Web Based Training
Lessons Learned Module
Project Sponsor
Project Manager
Project Team
Quality Manager
Contract Manager
Financial Analyst



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