During this phase, the project office executes the tasks described in all of the plans, processes, and procedures summarized and referenced in the Master Project Management Plan. Particular attention is paid to the production and quality of deliverables from all contractors, state organizations, and county/local offices. The Project Manager and Project Team will oversee the prime contractor and manage state and county/local office project resources as the detailed system requirements are defined, and the system is designed, developed, tested, implemented, and transitioned to maintenance & operation. Constant monitoring of quality, risks and issues, schedule, costs, requirements status, and overall project status is required.

At the end of the Executing phase, a phase review is conducted and lessons learned are documented for future consideration.


  Key Tasks
  • Begin Execution Phase Activities
  • Assemble Execution Phase Project Team
  • Team Development
  • Assign Resources
  • Execute Project Management Plans
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Execute Task Assignments
  • Conduct Progress Status Meetings
  • Update Project Schedule and Management Plans
  • Quality Assurance
  • Acceptance of Deliverables
  • Complete Execution Phase Review


  Next Steps
PDF Project Executing Procedure
Deliverable Management Process
 Web Based Training
Deliverables Management Process
Project Status Reports
Project Sponsor
Project Manager
Project Team
Quality Manager
Contract Manager
Risk Manager



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