The Initiating phase includes all the activities necessary for the project office to define the system concept and obtain approval from OSI management to start the project. After the executive management and project stakeholders have approved the Project Concept Statement, the Project Sponsor assigns or hires a Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible for the development of the Project Charter based on the approved Project Concept Statement. The Project Charter formally establishes a project and authorizes the Project Manager to use organizational resources to perform project activities.

At the end of the Initiating phase, a phase review is conducted and lessons learned are documented for future consideration.


  Key Tasks
  • Develop Project Concept Statement
  • Perform Overlap Assessment
  • Approval of Project Concept Statement
  • Project Sponsor assigns Project Manager
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Review, Approval and Authorization of Project Charter
  • Develop Business Architecture
  • Identify Business Relationships
  • Develop Conceptual Solution Architecture Model
  • Begin Development of Project Funding Documentation
  • Complete Initiation Phase Review and Lessons Learned


  Next Steps
PDF Project Initiating Procedure
Project Concept Statement
Project Charter
Lessons Learned
WinZip Overlap Assessment Toolkit
WinZip Business Architecture Toolkit
WinZip Business Relationship Toolkit
WinZip Conceptual Solution Architecture Toolkit
PDF Solution Architecture Framework (SAF) Framework
PDF Solution Architecture Framework (SAF) Toolkit
 Web Based Training
Lessons Learned Module
Complexity Assessment
Project Sponsor
Project Manager



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