The purpose of the Project Planning Phase is to identify and document scope, business requirements, tasks, schedules, costs, risk, quality, and staffing needs. This phase include all the activities necessary for the project office to establish the project staffing, project infrastructure and stakeholder accountability, along with all the project management plans, including the appropriate levels of pre-planning documentation for the follow-on phases. This phase often executes in parallel with the Acquisition Life Cycle.

The Project Planning Phase is not something that should be done in a vacuum. Ensure buy-in by including all key stakeholders and project team members.

  • The Project Plan and other documents are living documents and Project Planning is an iterative process. Project Management Plans should be reviewed and updated as needed at the end of each project phase. Plans should be revised and improved upon consistently throughout the project.
  • Keep the stakeholders informed about the progress of the Project Planning Phase. Often time people do not get interested in a project until it is in the Execution Phase and the importance of good planning is often overlooked.
  • Early stakeholder involvement is needed during Planning Phase because changes made later in the project will have a greater cost and will become more difficult.


  Key Tasks
  • Conduct Project Readiness
  • Develop and Approval of the Master Project Management Plan
  • Manages the Project Funding Approval Process
  • Manages the Acquisition Process
  • Complete Planning Phase Review


  Next Steps
PDF Project Planning Procedure
Master Project Management Plan
Staff Management Plan
Communication Plan
Risk Management Plan
Contract Management Plan
Cost Management Plan
Quality Management Plan
Governance Plan
Issue and Escalation Process
Document Management Plan
Schedule Management Plan
 Web Based Training
Communication Plan Module
Contract Management Plan Module
Cost Management Plan Module
Document Management Plan Module
Governance Plan Module
Issue and Escalation Process Module
Risk Management Plan Module
Staff Management Plan Module
Required Skills and Skill Gap Plan
Project Manager
Project Sponsor
Project Team



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