• A
    AB - Assembly Bill
    ACF - Federal Administration For Children And Families
    ACH - Automated Clearing House
    ACIN - All County Information Notice (Issued by CDSS)
    ACL - All County Letter (Issued by CDSS)
    ADA - Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990
    AFCARS - Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
    AGA - Association of Government Auditors
    AIMS - Agency Information Management Strategy
    AIO - Agency Information Officer
    ALC - Acquisition Life Cycle
    ALERT - Antifraud Locator of EBT Retailer Transactions
    ANSI - American National Standards Institute
    APD - Advance Planning Document
    APDU - Advance Planning Document Update
    ARM - Acquisition Risk Management
    ARRA - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    ASAP - As Soon As Possible
    ASP - Application Service Provider
    ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    ATM - Automated Teller Machine
    ATP - Acceptance Test Plan
  • B
    BA - Business Area
    BArc - Business Architecture
    BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
    BCC - Budget Change Concept
    BCP - Budget Change Proposal
    BL - Budget Letter
    BP - Best Practices
    BPEL - Business Process Execution Language
    BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation
    BPR - Business Process Re-engineering
    BRELM - Business Relationship Model
    BRM - Business Reference Model
    BSA - California Bureau Of State Audits
  • C
    CalBRM - California Business Reference Model
    CalOHI - California Office of HIPAA Implementation
    CalSERV - California Statewide Automated Welfare Information Broker project
    CalWIN - CalWORKs Information Network (part of WCDS)
    CalWORKs - California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids 
    CAM - California Acquisition Manual (in work by DGS)
    CAP - Corrective Action Plan
    CAP - Cost Account/Allocation Plan
    CAPI - California Assistance Program for Immigrants
    CBT - Computer Based Training
    CC - Carbon Copy
    CCP - Change Control Process
    CCQS - California Council on Quality and Service
    CCR - California Code Of Regulations
    CCSAS - California Child Support Automated Systems
    CDAA - California District Attorneys Association
    CDE - California Department of Education
    CDPH - California Department of Public Health
    CDSS - California Department Of Social Services
    CEAP - California Enterprise Architecture Program
    CFAP - California Food Assistance Program
    CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
    CHHS - California Health and Human Services Agency
    CHHSA - California Health and Human Services Agency
    CI - Configuration Item. A hardware, software or interface item which is formally controlled and managed through the project's management plan and processes.
    CICR - Configuration Item Change Request
    CIN - Client Index Number
    CIO - Chief Information Officer
    C-IV - Consortium IV (of SAWS)
    CLIN - Contract Line Item Number
    CM - Configuration Management
    CMAS - California Multiple Award Schedule
    CMIPS - Case Management Information and Payrolling System
    CMM - SEI's Capability Maturity Model
    CMM-I - Capability Maturity Model - Integrated 
    CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Part of Federal HHS)
    COCOMO - Constructive Cost Model
    ConOp - Concept of Operations document
    COTS - Commercial Off The Shelf
    COOP/COG - Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government
    CPA - Certified Public Accountant
    CPAF - Cost Plus Award Fee
    CPFF - Cost Plus Fixed Fee
    CPIF - Cost Plus Incentive Fee
    CPM - Contract Performance Management
    CPU - Central Processing Unit
    CR - Cost Reimbursable
    CS - Child Support
    CS - Cost-Sharing
    CSAC - California State Association of Counties
    CSAM - Conceptual Solution Architecture Model
    CSS - DTS's Customer Service System (tool)
    CSU/DSU - Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit
    CTO - Contract Tracking and Oversight (CMM)
    CWD - County Welfare Departments
    CWDA - California Welfare Directors Association
    CWS/CMS - Child Welfare Services/Case Management System
  • D
    DACS - Federal Data and Analysis Center for Software
    DB - Database
    DBDD - Database Design Description
    DBMS - Database Management System
    DCSS - Department of Child Support Services
    DD - Database Design
    DD - Design Document
    DDE - Deliverable Document Evaluation
    DDS - Detailed Design Specification
    DED - Deliverable Expectation Document
    DGS - California Department Of General Services
    DGS/OLS - DGS/Office of Legal Services
    DGS/PD - DGS/Procurement Division
    DGS/PD - TAS - DGS/Procurement Division - Technology Acquisition Section
    DHCS - California Department of Health Care Services
    DI - Disability Insurance
    DID - Data Item Description
    DoD - U.S. Department of Defense
    DOF - California Department of Finance
    DOIT - California Department Of Information Technology (now defunct)
    DPA - Department of Personnel Administration
    DRM - Data Reference Model
    DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan
    DSD - Detailed Systems Design
    DVBE - Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
  • E
    EA - Enterprise Architecture
    EAC - Enterprise Architecture Committee
    EADG - Enterprise Architecture Developers Guide
    EAO - Enterprise Architecture Office
    EAW - Economic Analysis Worksheet/Workbook
    EBT - Electronic Benefit Transfer
    ECP - Engineering Change Proposal
    EDD - California Employment Development Department
    EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
    EDP - Electronic Data Processing
    EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
    EHR - Electronic Health Record
    EIA - Electronic Industries Alliance
    ENTAC - Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center
    ESB - Enterprise Service Bus
    ESC - Enterprise Service Center
    ESP - Evaluation and Selection Plan
    ESR - Evaluation and Selection Report
    ETL - Extract, Transform, Load
    EZA - Enterprise Zone Act
  • F
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation
    FEA - Federal Enterprise Architecture
    FEAF - Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework
    FEAP - Federal Enterprise Architecture Program
    FFP - Federal Financial Participation
    FFP - Firm Fixed Price
    FFPLOE - Firm Fixed Price Level of Effort Contract
    FG - Focus Group
    FHA - Federal Health Architecture
    FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards
    FM - Functional Manager
    FNS - Food and Nutrition Service
    FP - Fixed Price
    FP - Function Point
    FPAF - Fixed Price Award Fee
    FPEPA - Fixed Price Economic Price Adjustment
    FPIF - Fixed Price plus Incentive Fee
    FPIS - Fixed Price Incentive with Successive Targets
    FPRP - Fixed Price Contract with Prospective Price Redetermination
    FPRR - Fixed Ceiling Price Contract with Retroactive Price Redetermination
    FSP - Food Stamp Program
    FSR - Feasibility Study Report
    FTB - California Franchise Tax Board
    FY - Fiscal Year
  • G
    GAO - Federal General Accounting Office
    GC - Government Code
    GCW - Getting Connected Workshop
    GR - General Relief
    GSA - Federal General Services Administration
    GSD - General Systems Design
    GTC - Government Technology Conference
  • H
    H/W - Hardware
    HD - Help Desk
    HHS - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    HIE - Health Information Exchange
    HIT - Health Information Technology
    HITSP - Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
    HL7 - Health Level Seven
    HR - Human Resources
    HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration (Part of Federal HHS)
    HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
    HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol using 128-bit Secure Sockets
    HW - Hardware
  • I
    IA - Inter-Agency Agreement
    IAA - Inter-Agency Agreement
    IAPD/U - Implementation Advanced Planning Document/Update
    ICD - Interface Control Document
    ICWG - Interface Control Working Group
    IDD - Interface Design Document
    IDEF - Integration Definition (design modeling)
    IDM - Identity Management
    IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    IEVS - Income Eligibility and Verification System
    IER - Information Exchange Requirement
    IFB - Invitation for Bid
    IHSS - In-Home Supportive Services
    INCOSE - International Council on Systems Engineering (organization)
    IPOC - Independent Project Oversight Consultant
    IRD - Interface Requirements Document
    IRS - Internal Revenue Service
    IRS - Interface Requirements Specification
    ISAWS - Interim Statewide Automated Welfare System
    ISO - Information Security Office
    ISO - International Organization for Standardization
    IT - Information Technology
    ITCP - Information Technology Capital Plan
    ITCU - Information Technology Consulting Unit
    ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library
    ITP - Invitation to Partner
    ITPL - Information Technology Policy Letter
    ITPP - Information Technology Procurement Plan
    ITSM - IT Service Management
    IV&V - Independent Verification & Validation
  • J
    JAD - Joint Application Development
    JAD - Joint Application Design
    JLBC - Joint Legislative Budget Committee
    JRP - Joint Requirements Planning
  • K
    KPA - Key Process/Practice Area (CMM)
  • L
    LAN - Local Area Network
    LAO - Legislative Analyst's Office
    LD - Liquidated Damage(s)
    LDM - Logical Data Model
    LEADER - Los Angeles Eligibility, Automated Determination, Evaluation and Reporting
    LH - Labor Hour
    LL - Lessons Learned
    LOBs - Lines of Business
    LOC - Lines of Code
    LOE - Level of Effort
    LRS - LEADER Replacement System
    LSM - Logical Service Model
    LTM - Logical Technology Model
  • M
    M&O - Maintenance and Operations
    MAC - Move, Add, and/or Change
    MBE/WBE - Minority Owned Business Enterprise/ Woman-Owned Business Enterprise
    MEDS - Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System
    MIL-STD - Military Standard
    MITA - Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
    MM - Management Memo
    MOTS - Modified Off The Shelf (i.e., a customized COTS)
    MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
    MPP - Master Project Plan
    MQ - Minimum Qualifications
    MS - Microsoft
    MSA - Master Services Agreement
    MSC - Management Steering Council
    MTS - Management Tracking System (tool)
  • N
    N/A - Not Applicable
    NASCIO - National Association of State Chief Information Officers
    NIEM - National Information Exchange Model
    NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
    NLT - No Later Than
    NOA - Notice of Action
  • O
    O&M - Operations and Maintenance
    OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
    OCM - Organizational Change Management
    OCSE - Office Of Child Support Enforcement
    OE&E - Operating Expenses and Equipment
    OFPP - Office of Federal Procurement Policies
    OISSP - Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection
    OJT - On-the-Job-Training
    OMB - Office of Management and Budget
    OPR - Office of Primary Responsibility
    ORP - Operational Recovery Plan
    OSHPD - Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
    OSI - Office of Systems Integration
    OTech - Office of Technology Services
  • P
    PAPD/U - Planning Advance Planning Document/Update
    PAT - Process Action Team
    PC - Procurement Center
    PCC - Public Contract Code
    PCO - Procurement and Contracting Officer
    PD - Position Description
    PDA - Personal Digital Assistant (such as Palm, Handspring, etc.)
    PDF - Adobe's Portable Document Format
    PDM - Process Definition and Maintenance (CMM)
    PDM - Physical Data Model
    PE - Planning Estimate
    PFAL - Project Funding Approval Life Cycle
    PIER - Post Implementation Evaluation Report
    PKI - Public Key Infrastructure
    PM - Project Management
    PMBOK - PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge
    PMI - Project Management Institute
    PMLC - Project Management Life Cycle
    PMM - Project Management Methodology
    PMO - Project Management Office
    PMP - Project Management Plan
    PMP - PMI's Project Management Professional certification
    PO - Purchase Order
    POC - Point of Contact
    POST - Project Office Support Tool(s)
    PPM - Project Performance Management (CMM)
    PRISM - Child Support Pre-Statewide Interim Systems Management (project)
    PSM - Practical Software Measurement
    PSM - Physical Service Model
    PTM - Physical Technology Model
    PY - Personnel Year
  • Q
    QA - Quality Assurance
    QAP - Quality Assurance Plan
    QAWG - Quality Assurance Working Group
  • R
    R&D - Research and Development
    R&R - Roles and Responsibilities
    RACF - Resource Access Control Facility
    RAD - Rapid Application Development
    RAM - Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    RAM - Risk Assessment Model
    RDM - Requirements Development and Management
    RFI - Request for Information
    RFO - Request for Offer
    RFP - Request For Proposal
    RMP - Risk Management Plan
    RTM - Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • S
    S/W - Software
    SA-CMM - Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model
    SADD - System Architecture Design Document
    SAF - Solution Architecture Framework
    SAIDD - Software Architecture Interface Design Document
    SAM - State Administrative Manual
    SAP - Software Acquisition Planning
    SARS - Statewide Automated Reconciliation System
    SAWS - Statewide Automated Welfare System
    SB - Senate Bill
    SB - Small Business (California State Certified)
    SCEA - State of California Enterprise Architecture
    SCI - Statewide Client index
    SCM - State Contracting Manual
    SCM  - Software Configuration Management
    SCMP - Software Configuration Management Plan
    SCO - State Controller's Office
    SD - Systems Development
    SDD - Software Design Document
    SDF - Software Development File
    SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle
    SDLC - System Development Life Cycle
    SDP - Software Development Plan
    SE - Software Engineering
    SEI - Software Engineering Institute
    SEL - NASA's Software Engineering Laboratory
    SFIS - Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System
    SFL - Spring Finance Letter
    SFY - State Fiscal Year
    SI - System Implementation
    SIDD - System Interface Design Document
    SIMM - Statewide Information Management Manual
    SLA - Service Level Agreement
    SLOC - Source Line of Code
    SME - Subject Matter Expert
    SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamp Program)
    SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
    SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
    SOL - Solicitation (CMM)
    SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
    SOW - Statement Of Work
    SPB - State Personnel Board
    SPI - Supplementary Premise Information
    SPMN - Software Program Manager's Network (organization)
    SPOC - Single Point of Contact
    SPR - Software Productivity Research (company)
    SPR - Special Project Report
    SQAP - Software Quality Assurance Plan
    SQL - Structured Query Language
    SRE - Software Risk Evaluation
    SRM - Service Reference Model
    SRS - Software Requirements Specification
    STD - Software Test Description
    Std. or STD - Standard
    STP - Software Test Plan
    STR - Software Test Report
    SUM - Software User Manual
    SVD - Software Version Document
    SW - Software
    SW-CMM - Software (Development) Capability Maturity Model
    SyRS - System Requirements Specification
  • T
    T&C - Terms and Conditions
    T&E - Test and Evaluation
    T&M - Time and Materials
    TA - California Technology Agency
    TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    TAP - Task Accomplishment Plan
    TBD - To Be Determined
    TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
    TOA - Time-on-Aid
    TOC - Table of Contents
    TLS - Transport Layer Security
    TP - Training Program
    TRM - Technical Reference Model
    TTS - Transition To Support
  • U
    UAT - User Acceptance Test
    UI - Unemployment Insurance
    UIMOD - Unemployement Insurance Modernization
    UML - Unified Modeling Language
    USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
    UT - Unit Test
  • V
    V&V - Verification and Validation
    VDD - Version Description Document
  • W
    W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
    WAN - Wide Area Network
    WBS - Work Breakdown Structure
    WBT - Web Based Training
    WCDS - Welfare Client Data System
    WDTIP - Welfare Data Tracking Implementation Project
    WIC - Welfare and Institutions Code
    WO - Work Order
  • X
    XML - Extensible Markup Language
  • Y
    No Items
  • Z
    No Items