During the Development phase, the design specifications produced during the design phase are translated into system components. The developed system is validated through a sequence of individual unit testing for usability and integration testing with the objective of ensuring that the system functions as expected and satisfies all requirements. This phase is usually carried out in parallel with the development of testing documents and user documentation.

  Key Tasks
  • System Build – Approval and Sign Off
  • Unit and Integration Test Cases and Test Log
  • Unit and Integration Test Summary Report
  • Unit and Integration Testing Complete – Approval and Sign Off
  • Operational Support Documentation
  • User Documentation
  • Lessons Learned


  Next Steps
Business Continuity Plan
Change Management Process
Disaster Recovery Plan
Technical Reviews
Test Case Outline
Test/Incident Tracking Log Outline
Test Summary Outline
Operational Support Documentation Outline
User Documentation Outline
Lessons Learned
 Web Based Training
Lessons Learned Module
Project Sponsor
Project Director
Project Stakeholder
Project Manager
Project Team
End User



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