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Requirements Analysis

The emphasis throughout this SDLC phase is to understand and document the users' system needs. The analysis phase includes the technical aspects and constraints that should be considered, but should not be influenced by implementation characteristics. The user requirements should be accurately reflected, and be measurable, testable and related to the business need. The requirements need to be defined to a level of sufficient detail for developing the system design in the Design phase.  
  Key Tasks
  • System Requirements Specification (SyRS) – Approval & Sign Off
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS) – Approval & Sign Off
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) – Contract to SyRS / SRS
  • Business Architecture (BArc) Model
  • Business Relationship Model (BRelm)
  • Conceptual Solution Architecture Model (CSAM)
  • Logical Data Model (LDM)
  • Logical Service Model (LSM)
  • Logical Technology Model (LTM)
  • Lessons Learned


  Next Steps
Requirements Management Plan
Requirements Traceability Matrix Outline
Software Requirements Specification Outline
System Engineering Management Plan
System Requirements Specification Outline
System Security Plan
Technical Reviews
WinZip Business Architecture Toolkit
WinZip Business Relationship Toolkit
WinZip Conceptual Solution Architecture Toolkit
WinZip Logical Data Model Toolkit
WinZip Logical Service Model Toolkit
WinZip Logical Technology Model Toolkit
Lessons Learned
 Web Based Training
Lessons Learned Module
FEA Reference Models
TA Enterprise Architecture
NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Resources
Project Sponsor
Project Director
Project Stakeholder
Project Manager
Project Team
End User
Solution Architect



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