System Decommission

The System Decommissioning Phase of the System Development Life Cycle may be initiated by various events.  In some cases, the Project may lose funding and is terminated, in others, a planned shutdown (decommission) may be initiated.   The process defined, and templates provided here are based on the successful execution of a planned shutdown where the process was defined and managed as a stand-alone project.  In this case, a System Decommission occurred because the client base was migrated to a sister application/platform. 

System Decommission requires strict adherence to mandates and regulations relating to contract termination, dispositioning of assets, coordination with the Department of General Services (DGS), records management (included retention), transition of remaining fiscal management duties, and the placement of staff.  

If a project is terminated due to lack of funding, management and planners should review the forms and templates provided to determine their applicability while considering the fiscal, schedule, and staffing implications. 

At the end of System Decommission, a phase review is conducted and lessons learned documented for future consideration by other organizations.


 Key Tasks

 Initiation & Planning
  • Project Closure Planning

  • Stakeholder Communication

  • Establish Overall Project Closure Governance

  • Assign Key Management Resources

  • Project Closure Kickoff Meeting

  • Early Planning Sessions

  • Creation of Workgroups for the Following Areas:

    • Business Administration
    • Migration (if applicable)
    • Application Services
    • Technical Services
    • Communications
    • Contract/Fiscal Management
    • Asset Management
    • Records Management
Project Charter
Introduction to System Decommission Workplan
System Decommission Workplan Shell
Introductory Letter to User Groups
Governance and Communication Plan
Planning Session Ground Rules
Scope & Governance Plan Overview
Workgroup Scope & Plan Overview
System Decommission Planning Guide

  • Phase-out Business Support Functions and Applications

  • Submit Service Requests for Network Infrastructure Shutdown

  • Disposition of IT and non-IT assets (surplus, transfer, recycle…) and Maintenance of Asset Management database

  • Align Contracts with Decommission Notifications per Contract Requirements of Cancellation or Termination

  • Plan for and Transition Fiscal Management Activities to OSI

  • Reduce Service Products and Licensing where Possible

  • Coordinate w/ OSI Entities to Transfer responsibilities for Fiscal and Records Management Responsibilities

  • Work w/ OSI to Identify Upcoming Job Opportunities for State Staff

  • Prioritize and set Criteria for Remaining System Changes and Determine Date for Code Freeze

  • Review Document Repositories

  • Keep End-Users Informed of Activities and Progress

  • Decommission Production Systems

  • Plan Operations Shutdown with OTech and Other Stakeholders

Functional Area Resources Support through System Decommission
No Longer System of Record Notice to Counties
No Longer System of Record Notice to Interface Partners
60 Day Deactivation Notice to Interface Partner
OSI Acquisitions Document Acknowledgement Letter
OSI Budgets Document Acknowledgement Letter
Consulting Services Contract Termination Letter
Maintenance Contract Termination Letter
Contract Management Matrix
STD 152 and 158 Forms and Instruction Links

  • Migration Planning and Support

Migration Interface Partner Agreement
Migration Data Mapping Spreadsheet
Migration Project to Project Communication Plan
Migration Conversion Workgroup Roles and Responsibilities
Migration - Cutover Checklist Reference Guide
Migration 90 Day Notification of Network - Infrastructure Disconnection
Migration Weekly Status Report
Migration Recovery Work Plan
Migration - Post Cutover Support Plan

 Monitor & Control
  • Status Meetings and Reporting

  • Financial Closure and Audit

System Decommission - Periodic Internal Status Report

  • Document Archival – Record Retention

  • Hands-off of Records Management to Trustee (in accordance with DGS Regulations and Guidelines)

  • Review of Closure Execution Activities and Capture Lessons Learned

  • Final Project Review and Summary

  • Complete Contractor Final Reviews

  • Facilities Shutdown

  • Celebrate Success

Records Management Evaluation and Recommendation (RMER)
Attachment A for RMER
Attachment B for RMER
Attachment C for RMER
Attachment D for RMER
Records Management Overview and Transition
System Decommission Closeout Report by Plan
STD 4 Form and Instruction Links
Operations Shutdown Plan
California Records & Info Management Program (CALRIM)



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